About Me

Over the past few years, Glynn has trained thousands of people from over 40 countries on how to start a digital business from scratch.

Glynn is very passionate about giving back to others and helping aspiring entrepreneurs get the start in business they deserve, with the right advice.

It was back in 1999 when Glynn’s parents purchased the first family computer that he started his first internet business.

Glynn took advantage of the rapid rise in eCommerce online and started to sell computer games and software via his own website.

This then lead Glynn to run several success business in a variety of niches using the highly successful eBay and Amazon platforms.

Since 2013 Glynn decided to go completely digital and now runs a highly successful digital marketing business meaning he his not location dependant, allowing him to pursue his passion of travelling around the world and exploring new cultures.

In addition to travelling, Glynn can often be found visiting football stadiums across the world or on the odd occasion, at the gym 😃

Glynn is heavily dedicated to impacting as many lives as possible and he is passionate about helping young entrepreneurs and can often be found giving small talks or seminars across the world.

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